Speed Park Track

This is racing. Elevated.

Set against the spectacular backdrop of the majestic Tuwaiq Mountains, Qiddiya City’s Speed Park Track will redefine and elevate the motorsports experience. The track will set new standards by seamlessly blending into its environment offering unique features never seen before, for competitors and spectators alike.

First Cantilevered track section in the world

Highest track elevation, the iconic Blade

World's first to feature both an open track and street configurations

Designed to provides optimal vantage points and a fully immersive experience

Aims to be the world’s leading motorsport venues for drivers and spectators alike

Where is the Speed Park Track located?

Speed Track

The Speed Park Track is located within the heart of Qiddiya City. The track routes seamlessly through surrounding areas and attractions including theme parks, promenades and hospitality spaces, creating an unmatched thrilling experience for visitors and guests by placing them right at the core. 

Whether you race a rollercoaster, or hover over the race in a pool… It’s an experience like never seen before

The track seamlessly blends in its environment, with competitors taking their turn one above a music venue, and racing Six Flag Qiddiya City's Falcons Flight, providing a unique experience for competitors and spectators alike. Terrace-style viewing replaces conventional grandstands, putting spectators at the heart of the action. Conventional grandstands will be replaced by viewing terraces on the track edge to provide a fully immersive experience.

Elevated racing

The height of a 20 story building


The height of the iconic “Blade” – the world’s first elevated section of a racing track designed by Austrian former Formula One driver Alex Wurz and German circuit designer Hermann Tilke. A true design aimed for drivers by drivers.

Drive within the city

Set against the backdrop of Tuwaiq mountains


Of the track is adjacent to the surrounding buildings, integrating with the natural surroundings

Pit spots

Ready, Set, Go

Garages, 21 corners and 3 DRS activation zones, the track will be ready to host the world's largest motorsports events

Maximum speed

Speed through the city


Drivers will be able to go over 325KM/H on the track, utilizing Qiddiya City’s dramatic landscape to create over 108m of elevation gain per lap.

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