Come play with us

We believe that the time has come to take play seriously. Because at Qiddiya we consider play serious business. When completed, Qiddiya City will create over 325,000 total permanent jobs at scale. So if you, too, believe in the Power of Play and would like to make history with us by creating a dazzling new city in the heart of Saudi Arabia, drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you! 

Supercharge your career

It takes special people to build special cities, especially one that’s bound to become the world capital of entertainment, sports and culture.

Inspiring you one day at a time

Job fulfilment is a leading factor in retaining people at organisations worldwide.
At Qiddiya our inspirational philosophy of Play Life is our fulfilling power.

You play, we pay

Remuneration at Qiddiya is unlike anywhere else. We don’t just reward you for your service; we take care of you on every possible level. We’re one big family.

We throw in a bag of benefits

At Qiddiya we make life better. But we also know life is not always smooth sailing. So we strive to make it easier, friendlier and more fun. We enable you to Play Life. 

Come join our Qiddiya family. We invest in people. Because families that play together, stay together. 

Vision 2030

Driving career opportunities in the Kingdom

Together, we are crafting the world’s largest hub for entertainment, sports and culture. And in the process, we’re also creating hundreds of thousands of exciting new jobs in sectors across the economy. So, if you would like to be part of this incredibly ambitious project, a part of history in the making, or work with a multi-talented team from around the world, check out our vacancies now and apply. We know you want to!

Qiddiya. Play Life.