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 Cookie Policy


  • At Qiddiya, we acknowledge the significance of your privacy and are dedicated to
    providing clarity regarding the technologies we employ. This Cookie Policy (“this
    Policy”) describes the purposes and mechanisms behind storing and accessing
    cookies and related technologies (collectively referred to as "Cookies and Other
    Technologies") on your device when you use or visit our website which features a
    link to this Policy. It's important to review this Policy in conjunction with our Privacy
    Notice and our Terms of Use for a comprehensive understanding of our practices.

    The primary objective of this Policy is to provide Qiddiya’s website users with a
    comprehensive understanding of the distinct types of cookies utilized on this website
    and the specific purposes they serve. In doing so, we aim to clarify the
    differentiation between first-party cookies and third-party cookies. This knowledge
    empowers our website users to make informed decisions about their privacy and
    online experience while interacting with our site.

1. Cookies and Other Technologies

  • A "cookie" is a small text file that a website downloads onto your web browser or
    internet-connected device, like a mobile phone or tablet, when you visit the website.
    The purpose of these cookies is to help the website identify and remember your
    device for your future visits.

    Cookies serve a wide range of functions, including remembering your preferences,
    monitoring your online activities, and enhancing your overall user experience. They
    empower the website's owner to distinguish between the actions taken by your
    device and those of other website users on the same website.

    It's important to note that the majority of cookies do not gather information that
    directly identifies you as an individual. Instead, their focus is on collecting more
    generalized data, such as your approximate location or how you find and utilize

    While cookies are the most well-known tracking technology, there are others, which
    function in a similar fashion. These alternative methods could encompass
    technologies like web beacons, pixel tags, and local storage (“Other Technologies”).
    Their collective aim is to gather data about your online behaviour, offering websites
    insights into how you interact with their content.

    The objective of employing these Cookies and Other Technologies is to gather
    information about your website usage patterns. This encompasses the pages you
    visit, the duration of your visits, and how you engage with the content. This data is
    invaluable for our website to optimize its services and cater to your user
    preferences, it also helps improve website performance and enhance security.

2. First-Party Cookies and Third-Party Cookies

  • “First-party cookies" are cookies that are directly associated with and placed on your
    device by Qiddiya, the entity responsible for this website. Conversely, "third-party
    cookies" are cookies that are placed on your device through our website by a
    different party.

    The utilization of first-party and third-party cookies serves specific functions. First-
    party cookies are employed for our own website's needs, whereas third-party
    cookies, placed by external entities, come into play when we partner with these
    service providers for tasks like analytics and performance evaluation. It's important
    to note that these cookies are valuable tools for optimizing and personalizing the
    online experience for our website users.

    We employ different types of cookies on our website, depending on its
    specific requirements:

  • Persistent Cookies:

    These cookies are used for the long term to enhance your experience on our
    website. For instance, they record your agreement with our Cookie Policy, allowing
    us to remove the initial cookie message that appears when you first visit our site.
    Persistent Cookies will be retained by your web browser and remains valid until a
    predetermined expiration date unless you manually delete it before that date.

  • Session Cookies:

    Session cookies are temporary in nature and are automatically deleted from your
    device as soon as you close your web browser. We utilize these cookies to track your
    internet usage, as described earlier.
    Session Cookie has a shorter lifespan and expires at the conclusion of your web
    session, specifically when you close your web browser.
    We are committed to ensuring that the data collected by our website and/or through
    cookies is not retained longer than necessary to fulfil the purposes mentioned
    earlier. In any case, this information will not be retained for a period exceeding one
    year. This approach aligns with our commitment to safeguarding your privacy and

Our Cookies are used for the following purposes:

  • Strictly Necessary/Technical Cookies:

    These cookies are essential for the basic functioning of our websites, allowing
    you to access the content you've requested. They are responsible for recognizing
    when you've created an account and logged in. These cookies also remember
    your previous actions during your browsing session, enhancing security and the
    seamless operation of our websites. We do not need to obtain your consent to
    use these cookies and these cookies cannot be turned off as we cannot provide
    the website without them.

  • Analytical/Performance Cookies:

    We, along with third-party service providers, use these cookies to analyze how
    our websites are used and assess their performance. For instance, these cookies
    track which pages are most frequently visited and the geographical locations of
    our visitors. If you subscribe to a newsletter or register with our websites, these
    cookies might be associated with your profile. Examples of such cookies include
    Google Analytics Cookies. These cookies gather information in a way that
    maintains anonymity. This information includes the website visitor count, the
    sources from which visitors originate, and the specific pages they have viewed.

  • Functionality Cookies:

    Functionality cookies adapt our websites to your preferences and choices. They
    help us "remember" you between visits. For instance, these cookies recognize
    your username and recall how you've customized our websites and services, such
    as adjusting text size, fonts, language settings, and other alterable aspects of
    web pages. These customizations are then seamlessly applied during your future

  • Third-Party Advertising Cookies:

    These cookies are employed to gather information about your activities on our
    website and other sites. Their purpose is to provide you with targeted
    advertising. Additionally, we may permit third-party service providers to use
    cookies for similar purposes. They collect data about your online activities over
    time and across various websites. These third-party providers have their own
    privacy policies and may employ their cookies to target advertising on other
    websites based on your interactions with our website.

  • To view an entire list of the cookies that are used by our website, click on the following link: “Manage cookies preferences”

    Website cookies 
    Cookie nameCookie typePurposeDurationThird-Party
    Stores information about
    the categories of cookies
    the site uses and whether
    visitors have given or
    withdrawn consent for
    the use of each category.
    1 YearN/A
    Collect information about
    how visitors use the
    Up to 2
    Used to distinguish website users.Expires after 2 years.N/A
    Used to distinguish
    website users.
    after 24
    Used to throttle request
    after 1
    AdvertisingUsed for ad targeting and ad measurement.30 DaysUsed by
    AdSense for
    Expires after 3
    Meta frAdvertisingUsed for ad targeting and
    ad measurement.
    after 3
    Used by
    Facebook to
    measure, and
    improve the
    relevancy of
    Meta_fbpAdvertisingUsed for ad targeting and
    ad measurement.
    after 3
    Used by
    Facebook to
    measure, and
    improve the
    relevancy of
    ht IDE
    AdvertisingUsed to track
    conversions, retarget
    website users, and build
    audiences for ad
    30 DaysUsed by
    DoubleClick to
    register and
    report the
    user’s actions
    after viewing
    or clicking one
    of the
    ads. Expires
    after 1 year

    Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that helps us understand how users engage
    with our services. Like many providers, Google Analytics tracks user interactions on
    websites. This information is used to compile reports and to help us improve our
    services. The reports disclose trends on our services without identifying individual
    visitors. For more information on Google Analytics, see here. You can opt out of
    Google Analytics without affecting how you engage with our services – for more
    information on opting out from Google Analytics tracking across all services you use,
    visit this Google page:


3. How to Decline or Revoke Your Cookie Consent:

  • Browser Settings:

    If you prefer not to have cookies stored on your device, you can modify your
    internet browser settings to either reject cookies or permit only certain types.
    Additionally, you can configure your browser to notify you when a cookie is being
    placed on your device. However, it's important to note that if you choose to block all
    cookies, even those that are strictly necessary for the site's operation, it may limit
    your ability to access and use all or certain features and functions on our websites.
    If you wish to delete cookies that were previously stored on your device, you can
    manually remove them at any time. Keep in mind that doing so will not prevent our
    websites from placing additional cookies on your device unless you adjust your
    internet browser settings as described above.

  • Preference Centre:

    Where available, you may also be able to change your cookie settings at any time in
    our preference centre, available via the cookie banner.
    In essence, you have the option to control and manage cookies, but this may impact
    your experience on our sites, especially if you block all cookies, including those
    necessary for the site's basic functionality.

4. Utilizing Other Tracking Technologies in our Communications:

  • At Qiddiya, we employ additional tracking technologies to enhance our
    understanding of your interaction with the knowledge, research, or event
    communications we send you. These technologies enable us to gather information
    about whether you've opened our messages or clicked on any embedded links. One
    of these technologies, known as a web beacon, plays a pivotal role in this process.

    A web beacon is a small graphic image that can be placed within a website or an
    email. It functions alone or in conjunction with cookies to collect data about how you
    use or engage with a Qiddiya website or email.

    The analysis generated from these tracking technologies aids us in refining the
    effectiveness of our websites and email communications. By understanding how you
    engage with our content and the format of our messages, we can tailor our
    communications to better suit your preferences and needs.

    You can prevent web beacons from being activated by configuring your email reader
    program to disable the feature that loads remote images. Additionally, you can avoid
    interacting with any links included in email messages to ensure that web beacons are not triggered. This way, you have control over the information gathered through
    these tracking technologies when you access and read your emails.

5. Changes to the cookies notice

  • We reserve the right to make modifications or amendments to this Policy as deemed
    necessary. When alterations are made, we will update the revision date at the top of
    this page, signifying the date from which the modified or amended Policy becomes
    effective with respect to you and your information.

    We encourage you to periodically revisit this Policy to stay informed about how we
    utilize cookies and any changes or updates to our cookie-related practices.

6. Contact us

  • If you have any other questions about our Cookie Policy, please contact us at:

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