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Welcome to Qiddiya

A disruptive & innovative destination

A new world of endless fun

Something new, exciting and fun for the people of Saudi Arabia and the world

Qiddiya will be a disruptive destination that offers innovative and immersive experiences integrated on a scale never seen before. A place that offers unique, elevated and fun experiences … and joyful moments to cherish for life.

Our Vision

Our Masterplan

A glimpse into what Qiddiya will be

A unique destination

Prepare for the unforgettable Qiddiya experience

Building the future

Qiddiya will play a key role in the Kingdom’s transformation

A place of inspiration, discovery and fun

The world's pre-eminent destination for Entertainment, Sports and the Arts is situated on the doorstep of Riyadh

Qiddiya's total area is 367km2


The site includes
several key areas

1 Resort Core
Home to Qiddiya's theme parks, entertainment and dining attractions
2 Qiddiya Village
A 24/7 mixed-use center dedicated to entertainment and sports
3 Motion Zone
Home to adrenaline-fueled motorsports experiences
4 Eco Zone
A world of nature and wildlife adventures and encounters
5 Golf & Residential Community
A thriving community featuring golf courses and residential offerings