Play Life.

A Life well lived is a life well played.

Qiddiya is the world’s most passionate Ambassador of Play. A beacon of hope for a better future. Where Play is not just for playtime, it is a way of life. So, what do we believe? At Qiddiya, Play is essential to living a complete and holistic life. And as we build cities, we build lives. We Play Life.


Of adults surveyed in KSA believe they would be happier in life if they played more.


Of adults surveyed agreed that play is as important for the well-being of adults as it is for children. 


Of adults in KSA believe they would be better and more successful in their jobs if they played more.


Adults in KSA believe they’d be more empathic and cooperative with loved ones if they played more.


People in KSA believe they would generate new ideas and create new things if they played more.

The 6 Powers of Play

Play is powerful. And with its profound effects on the human mind and body, it plays a significant role in the development of our cognitive abilities like critical thinking, problem solving and memory. Play is also increasingly being used in the fight against neurodegenerative disorders in adults like dementia including diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.


Embracing a lifestyle rooted in play is the essence of Qiddiya and of life. Hence our motto ‘Play Life.’ Play is for all of us – individuals, couples, families, and communities – a way to thrive. It helps us dream big, love more and live longer. It also helps us fulfil our potential and become who we truly want to be.

Embracing a lifestyle rooted in play is the essence of Qiddiya and of life. Hence our motto ‘Play Life.’ Play is for all of us – individuals, couples, families, and communities – a way to thrive. It helps us dream big, love more and live longer. It also helps us fulfil our potential and become who we truly want to be.


Qiddiya inspires you to be the very best version of yourself. To realise your dreams. Play activities like cooking, sports, gaming, painting – foster mental immersion and put you ‘in the zone.’ And when you’re there, you’re energized. Focused. Happy. And when you enjoy what you do, you do it better.

There’s science behind this too. This state helps us to develop our ‘flow muscle’ and improve our performance over time. It’s been proven that people solve things faster when in a playful state of mind.


Qiddiya is the guardian of the innovative galaxy, the epitome of creativity and the enabler of our best lives at home or at work. A relaxed, playful mood improves mental health, triggers genius and sets fire to the imagination. When we play, we explore, we anticipate and we respond like creative ninjas.

This way of life defines Qiddiya. For example, in workplaces, “we think playfulness helps us to get to better solutions. It helps us do our jobs better and helps us feel better when we do them.”*

*Source: Tim Brown, CEO, IDEO.


Play is a powerful tool to forge relationships. Play fosters sociable feelings such as compassion, trust and empathy and further refines social skills like cooperation, communication and teamwork. At heart, play brings us together. It tears down walls, breaks barriers and sparks unity and collaboration.

“Play is a biological, psychological and social necessity that is fundamental to the healthy growth, development and well-being of individuals and communities.”*

*Source: Play Board, Northern Ireland.


Play is ancient. And the 3000-years-old Olympic Games is a living example of it. From chess or a crossword, to taking up a new sport or even sudoku, play helps our brains grow and our minds stay fresh. We learn from Play.

Scientific research proves that at every stage of life play continues to “stimulate new connections between nerve cells, and may even help the brain generate new cells, developing neurological ‘plasticity' and building up a functional reserve that fights against future cell loss.”*

Source: Harvard Medical School


We all wish to escape the responsibilities of adulting at some point in our lives. And Play is our perfect alibi. Play frees us up to step out of the matrix, hit pause on our everyday stresses and indulge in a moment of escapist immersion. We all want the powers of Neo. Play is fun. Play is escape.

When feelings of fun and enjoyment surge through our veins, chemical reactions release what we know as the ‘happy serum’ or endorphins which help relieve pain, reduce stress and improve our sense of well-being.

Presenting Qiddiya City Where  Play comes to Life

As we curate the world capital of entertainment, sports and culture, we also implement Saudi’s Vision 2030 economic diversification by creating thousands of exciting new jobs across various sectors and levels. Qiddiya City is currently booming with opportunities for business and investment as it serves a powerful, untapped domestic market.

Dragon Ball Theme Park

Get ready to immerse yourself in the world’s only Dragon Ball Theme Park, just in Qiddiya City. On a scale never imagined before.

Speed Park Track

Speed Park Track will redefine and elevate the motorsports experience. The track will set new grounds for how circuit racing is designed and experienced 

Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Stadium

The Prince Mohammed bin Salman Stadium, the new iconic venue pioneering sports, entertainment and culture in the city

Gaming & Esports

World's first gaming and esports neighborhood nested in Qiddiya City where fantasy meets life and gaming takes on another level

Six Flags Qiddiya City

This thrilling theme park will offer 28 rides and attractions including Falcon’s Flight - a world-first and the Park’s signature ride, which will be the longest, tallest and fastest rollercoaster in the world.

Golf Courses

Qiddiya City boasts two stunning, tournament ready golf courses, which will catapult Saudi Arabia onto the sports international stage


First of its kind in the Kingdom and the largest in the region, this theme park spans 8 zones, has over 81 private luxury cabanas and be home to the region’s first surf school with endless waves for surfers of all levels.


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Qiddiya City will be an entirely new urban living experience that will welcome both Saudis and international residents. A complete destination in itself, Qiddiya City has seen its masterplan evolve from a large theme-park development into a fully-fledged destination-city that will eventually become home to over 600,000 residents and attract 48 million visits per year.

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