Sustainability And Qiddiya

Protecting our unique natural heritage

Qiddiya’s revival of the region’s natural landscape and the preservation of its cultural heritage will be evaluated by how it helps protect indigenous its flora and fauna, and its invaluable Arabian heritage. 


Biodiversity promulgates the natural environment, sparks a sense of well-being, forms a bond with nature and human recreational experience.

Qiddiya will promote and emphasize ethical use of water-efficient, saline tolerant, native vegetation and adaptive plant species. We will also create and preserve a conducive environment for indigenous animals and birds. Qiddiya will steward our soil health and productivity, conserve water, prevent erosion and reduce the need for fertilizers. 

Sustainable Mobility for the Community

Qiddiya is aiming to be a world-leader in green mobility, leveraging innovative multi-modal
transportation. Qiddiya will offer residents a year-round destination with an extensive network of
cycle and walking trails.

Building an inclusive and accessible city will also support underrepresented groups and the communities around us.

Waste Management

One man’s garbage is another man’s gold. At Qiddiya we believe in this philosophy greatly - waste materials have potential value.

We will minimize wastage and maximize reuse by implementing lean design, construction and operational waste reduction strategies, material reuse and recycling. Where materials are unable to be reused or recycled, they will be given legal disposal to a government-approved municipal solid waste facility.

Water Resource Optimisation

Water is the source of life. And at Qiddiya it will be treated as a precious and finite resource.

We will implement water conservation strategies in design, construction and operations by collecting and using every drop of water falling naturally on site. We will also treat sewage effluent and use it for irrigation and the maintenance of our flora and fauna, nature parks and golf courses.

How Qiddiya achieves its goals to meet Saudi’s Vision 2030 Environmental Sustainability Compliance 

Ensure Compliance

We will ensure that we are fully compliant with Saudi Arabia’s environmental sustainability policies and follow international conventions and protocols.

Optimize water consumption

Water is finite and essential to life. We will implement best in class water efficiency systems and technologies.

ownership and accountability

In order to achieve the environmental sustainability goals of Vision 2030 on all levels, we demand ownership in all sections of the organisation.

sustainability strategies

Our lands are our fortune. So, in order to minimise and mitigate pollutant emissions to land, water and air, we follow best-practice in sustainability.

Enhancing biodiversity

It is essential that we minimise land degradation, enhance biodiversity, and engage in resource conservation.

sustainable materials

As we construct, it is vital that we conserve natural resources, preserve biodiversity and enhance the natural environment.

waste management plan

With strategic focus on optimised recycling practices during design, construction and future operations, we turn waste back into a sustainable source.

Inform and incorporate

We will incorporate Qiddiya’s minimum requirements into our Master Community Charter to keep developers, operators and other stakeholders informed.

sustainability at Qiddiya

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We naturally protect and make better the lives of our future generations.

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