Dragon Ball Theme Park

Get ready to immerse yourself in the world’s only Dragon Ball Theme Park, just in Qiddiya city! On a scale never imagined before, the park’s interactive and explorable themed experiences will allow you to live the adventures at the heart of the action, experiencing the journey from the first Dragon Ball series to the latest Dragon Ball Super. 

Dragon Ball theme park is a landmark asset in Qiddiya city

Dragon Ball theme park will have more than 30 themed rides, including 5 groundbreaking attractions.

Visitors will also have the option to stay in themed hotels and enjoy indulging in exotic cuisines inside towering landmarks.

Build and share long-lasting memories with your family and friends where one day is not enough!

Step into a world of interconnected narratives and enjoy iconic landmarks from the Dragon Ball sagas, such as “Kame House island”, “Capsule Corporation” and “Beerus’ Planet”

Estimated park size

Immerse in the world of Dragon Ball


Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before

Park zones

The set of Dragon Balls that can give its bearer anything they desire

Distinctive themed zones based on 7 dragon balls

Estimated number of rides

Where iconic Dragon Ball moments become rides


Dragon Ball themed rides across the park, taking you into adventures truly beyond imagination

Record breaking

Experience the firsts in the world

World’s only attractions, set against the backdrop of Tuwaiq mountains

Height of signature ride

With the most iconic dragon at the center


Extraordinary Shenron rollercoaster

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currently under construction

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First of its kind in the Kingdom and the largest in the region, this theme park spans 8 zones, has over 81 private luxury cabanas and be home to the region’s first surf school with endless waves for surfers of all levels.

Six Flags Qiddiya City

This thrilling theme park will offer 28 rides and attractions including Falcon’s Flight - a world-first and the Park’s signature ride, which will be the longest, tallest and fastest rollercoaster in the world.


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