Positioned at the heart of the Tuwaiq Escarpment Environmental Reserve, Qiddiya is surrounded by the beauty, strength and fragility of nature.

As we craft our destination, we are mindful of the impact our project has on our spectacular site and its natural inhabitants and systems, and how our actions now will affect the future of its ecosystem.




To facilitate achievement of Saudi Vision 2030 environmental sustainability compliance Qiddiya will:

  • Ensure compliance with all Kingdom of Saudi Arabia environmental sustainability regulations, policies and the international conventions and protocols that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has adopted.

  • Optimize our water consumption through the use of treated water sources, using best in class water efficiency systems and technologies.

  • Encourage ownership in meeting Vision 2030 environmental sustainability goals at all levels of the organization.

  • Use best-practice sustainability strategies for minimization and mitigation of pollutant emissions to land, water and air.

  • Minimize land degradation, enhance biodiversity, and engage in resource conservation management.

  • Encourage selection of sustainable materials that conserve natural resources, preserve biodiversity, and enhance environmental conditions throughout the community’s constructed facilities.

  • Develop a comprehensive waste management plan with a focus on optimized recycling practices during design, construction and future operations.

  • Incorporate Qiddiya minimum requirements into our Master Community Charter to inform developers, operators and other stakeholders of their responsibilities for achieving Qiddiya Vision 2030 Environmental Sustainability.

Qiddiya Environmental Sustainability Focus

To protect and preserve our site for generations to come, Qiddiya’s environmental sustainability management practices will have special focus on the following areas:


Abundant, healthy site biodiversity increases our guests’ and residents’ recreational experience, their sense of mental well-being, and appreciation of the natural environment. Qiddiya will, wherever possible, promote and emphasize the ethical use of water-efficient, saline tolerant, native vegetation and adaptive plant species. We will also create and maintain the right environment to attract indigenous animals and birds. Qiddiya will steward our soil health and productivity, conserving water, preventing erosion, and reducing the need for fertilizers. This, in turn, will further help to preserve the site’s unique biodiversity.



By creating an optimized microclimate, Qiddiya will offer guest a very comfortable year-round temperature to walk or cycle around the destination. We will do this without consuming excessive energy, by making practical use of vegetation and sustainable design strategies such as shading devices, strategic building massing and orientation, and the use of materials with high solar reflectance. This will reduce the use for powered transportation and its related energy consumption.


At Qiddiya waste materials have potential value. We will endeavor to create an ethos of minimizing wastage and maximizing reuse by implementing lean design, construction and operational waste reduction strategies, material reuse and recycling. Where materials cannot be reused or recycled, they will be given legal disposal to a government-approved municipal solid waste facility.


Water will be treated as a precious and finite resource. Qiddiya will employ water conservation strategies in design, construction and operations. We will aim to collect and use every drop of water falling naturally on site and use our water resources in environmentally sound ways such as treating sewage effluent and using it for irrigation.