Message to Qiddiyans: "Optimism will guide us through"​

A few months ago, a novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) surfaced and rapidly began to spread throughout the world. I don’t think many, if any, could have anticipated the situation we are in today. Yet, here we are. Working from home, with each of us owning our important responsibility to act in ways that will help curb the spread of the outbreak and hasten our return to something more like what was normal just a few weeks ago.

I also know a lot of you are here without your families which is incredibly tough, particularly when self-isolating, but your Qiddiya family is here for you. Reach out to your friends, and colleagues for any support you might need. You are not alone.

With more time at home as we are away from the office, it’s as important as ever that we remain connected and collectively focused on our mission. And we can see from the stats gathered on the Microsoft Teams app that you are all doing that.

In the first two weeks of remote working, there were:

·     310+ users on our Teams account;

·     18,000+ individual chat messages sent; and

·     nearly 7,000 video calls and 6,000 audio calls conducted.

There will come a time when we will look back at this extraordinary moment as only one of the many extraordinary moments in the history, we are making with Qiddiya. As unexpected and as difficult as this time is, I am optimistic that we will work through this together and we will come out wiser and better capable for the next unpredictable situation. 

I am confident in our abilities to come together to tackle whatever comes our way. Optimism is what Qiddiya is born from and acting with personal responsibility is what will always make this possible. Amongst all the changes and challenges we are experiencing; these themes remain consistent.

We hope that you are taking all the necessary precautionary measures to keep yourselves, the people around you, and the community at large, safe.

Just remember like all things, this too, shall pass.

Stay safe and stay well.

Michael Reininger

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