Vision 2030

Vision 2030 is a strategic framework designed by the Kingdom’s leadership to diversify the economy and reduce oil dependency. The aim is to create a vibrant society, a thriving economy and an ambitious nation. To achieve the goals of this transformation plan, a series of giga-projects were launched, including Qiddiya - which is being built to serve a powerful existing unserved market and fulfill demand from domestic as well as regional and international markets.

Qiddiya will fulfill several core tenets of Vision 2030:

- Drive economic diversification,

- Double household spending on leisure and entertainment,

- Job creation,

- Promote a start-up culture,

- Empower women and the youth, and

- Contribute to healthier lifestyles.


Qiddiya aims to repatriate the billions of dollars Saudis spend on outbound tourism annually.



Source: OECD, World Bank Gross National Income Ranking 2015, BMI Research, Booz Allen analysis


Qiddiya is being created to provide the youthful society of Saudi Arabia with opportunities in entertainment, sports and the arts, whilst capturing the imagination of the world. By unlocking new professional pathways and catalyzing the development of creative industries, Qiddiya will be known as a place of innovation and inspiration.