City Centre

Overlooking the resort core from its perch 200m above on the edge of the Tuwaiq escarpment, the City Centre is a mixed-use village dedicated to sports & the arts. Coupled to the entertainment core below by a funicular transportation system, residential, retail and workplace environments are organized around two intersecting pedestrian circulation spines linking a portfolio of feature facilities.

City Centre
  • Sports Precinct
    • 1Stadium (20,000 Seats)
    • 2Arena (18,000 Seats)
    • 3Multi-sports Hall (5,000 Seats)
    • 4Sports Hub (Velodrome) (5,000 Seats)
    • 5Aquatic Center (3,000 Seats)
    • 6Female Sports Center
    • 7Kids Sports Center
  • Green Spine
  • Sports and Schools