Master Plan

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s capital of Entertainment, Sports and the Arts

It’s time to have fun.

Qiddiya is set to become the Kingdom's capital of Entertainment, Sports and the Arts to meet and satisfy the recreational, social and cultural needs of current and future generations.

In collaboration with Bjarke Ingles Group (BIG), Qiddiya’s Master Plan has been developed with the first phase scheduled to open in 2023. It will include 45+ projects and 300+ activities across the creative, hospitality and entertainment and sporting sectors. The development has been designed to complement and enhance the epic natural landscape of the site, ensuring Qiddiya will present the best the world has to offer in a place unlike any other.

Build distinct anchor attractions
and offerings

Plan, design and construct infrastructure
and anchor attractions while creating
project identity and awareness.

Expanding Offerings & Growing Capacity

Expanding Offerings & Growing Capacity

A third of the land on our 334 km2 site will be built up, with the remainder being marked for preservation as untouched natural land. Qiddiya’s offerings are being developed in a way that enables visitors to experience both natural and man-made attractions as they explore our 24/7 destination.

Qiddiya will be a one-of-a-kind destination where Saudi’s youthful society can unlock adrenaline-driven experiences and families can create a lifetime of memories to cherish, right here in their own country.

Qiddiya’s Master Plan is carefully crafted to respect and enhance the site’s natural patterns

334 km2
total area
103 km2
planned developed

Highlights of Qiddiya’s Master Plan

  • Built on an open space network that is informed by the natural flow of water to create a unique environment unlike the surrounding areas.
  • Dispersed into several “development nodes” that are attached to the open space network, within which exist Qiddiya’s facilities that offer unique experiences.
  • Supported by transportation and a utility network which activates these major nodes.
Master plan

Real Estate

The cornerstone to creating a 24/7 fully integrated entertainment destination for the enjoyment of all.

Hospitality Portfolio

Key products:

  • Golf Resort & Spa (5-star)
  • Water Park Resort (4-star)

Retail Portfolio

Key products:

  • Specialty retail as core to the resort
  • Outlet/value retail as an outdoor destination that is unique to the local market
  • Service and convenience retail (mainly catered to Qiddiya residents)

Residential Portfolio

Key products:

  • “For-sale” residential such as villas, multi-family apartments and istirahas
  • “For-rent” residential such as mixed-use multi-family residential, multi-family complex and istirahas


Key products:

  • The “Creative Village” (work and office environment in a campus-like format meant to respond to the desires of people who work in the creative industries that are aligned with the central purpose of Qiddiya)
  • Industrial real-estate (warehousing and logistics)